Complaint Details
Bargaintown Carpets and Furniture
On Sept 27 I went into Bargaintown and inquired about getting a floor for my sitting room . They gave me a choice between laminate and vinyl floor. I was interested in the vinyl and I told him that the flooring underneath was a little uneven, he told me that was fine and I went ahead and paid for the floor. On Sept 29 I went back in because after speaking to a few people about the floor they all told my that vinyl will not be suitable because my floor is uneven. Even the floor agent in Bargaintown agreed. Because of this I asked to cancel the order since I wont be able to get vinyl . Bargaintown refused to give me a refund and told me that they will need to look at the floor and make their own judgement. On Oct 1st a gentleman came to my house and told us that our floor is not suitable for vinyl or for laminate. After telling us that they can't perform the service we hired them for they still told us that they cannot issue a refund. I am infuriated with the way this has been handled by Bargaintown . We went in there to get a floor and nothing else. So please tell me why you can't refund our money since you can't perform the service we hired you for ?
on 01stOct,2014