Complaint Details
On 14/2/14 a rep from Scottish power rang me to sell me their gas and electric service .I had just come out of hospital as I am disabled. At the time I was vulnerable. And on morphine . Somehow he got me to say yes . On 17/3/14I got a set of paperwork and found he had made a lot of false promises . It said I had 7 days to cancel. I tried everything to get hold of them but they just would not answer .I sent 2 E mails one on 20/3/14 and on21/3/14 to there auto reply service and it acknowledged them but they never called me .now they say they are taking over my supply on 18/3/14 .I don't want them .I have spoken to my present supplier British Gas who say there is nothing they can do I just have to sit and wait and see what happens .I am worried sick about this and I have enough problems with my M.S and heart disease please can you help us as nobody else wants to listen ?Thankyou Steve Taylor
on 16thMar,2014