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Cool Mist Aka Liberty Vapor
I originally bought my e-cigarette at this store about 6 weeks ago. Initially I was impressed with the friendliness of the tattoo-covered salesman. Within a few days my first battery quit working. The second quit working as well even though they are supposed to last 3-6 months. 2 of my chambers that hold the liquid leaked, leaving me with a mouth/stomach full of liquid nicotine several times- very unpleasant. The salesman made excuses & told me I needed to buy a more expensive one. The last time I walked in I got the cold shoulder. It was unbelievable. I was there to buy something but because they had sold me junk and replaced some of it (as they promised they would during my original purchase) they had decided I wasn't a valued customer anymore. Customer service is so important to me and when I get poor customer service I do what I can to rectify it.
on 31stAug,2013