Complaint Details
At the beginning of April, I bought some cusions from Aldi. They were in the seasonal range (when they're gone they're gone). I have used Buxton Aldi at least twice a week since the store opened. I have never seen these particular cusions on sale before or since (they sell lots of different designs). The weave on the cusions just disintegrated and they look dreadful. Not fit for purpose. I took them back to the Buxton store and eventually spoke to the manager. He agreed they were not up to standard. He said he would love to give me a refund but he could not because he did not have a code for them. (what happened to miscelleneous goods)' .there is no bar code on the cusions and I do not have a receipt. They are Aldi cusions (not sold anywhere else) and they were on sale in April/May. I have bought lots of household items from Buxton Aldi, including my television, my camera oil filled radiator pots and pans etc. all of which I still have. I once took a holdall back because it would not stay on its wheels and it was exchanged without a question. I have complained about the service in Buxton Aldi once before. I do not think you should treat a loyal customer like this. The total value of the goods is only 17.97! Its the principle. I have worked in the retail trade most of my working life and dislike bad service. Iwill continue to shop at Aldi as it is a good store and I will not cut off my nose to spite my face! I will be very carefull of buying low value household goods (you don't usually keep the receipt)again.
on 27thAug,2013