Complaint Details
my friend and i was admitted to private hospital in spain no one spoke english we were shut in our room for two day and nights all they gave my friend was oxygen but she had bad stomach pains cause she was loosing a lot of blood from her anus and her haemoglobin was at 9.0 i myself wasnt offered a drink or food in those days . i asked for a doctor for my friend as she was in a lot of pain but they couldnt understand me so the nurse just turned her oxygen up a bit we were told some management would come up with interpreter to have a word with us but noone ever came up we had to phone home so my friends son could get us an interpreter to tell them we wanted to go home we had been in that hospital fom sun till tue 1.30 pm and all my friend had in that time was oxygen and paracetamol after speeking to interpreter things started moving we were going home . we started our trip on royal carribean adventures of the sea ship and were sent to hospital by ship doctor as her blood level was so low i paid 20 euros for taxi to hospital on admission my friend was examined and was told it could be hemoroids or a tumor but no hemeroids were felt so that was it was sent to a ward.
on 05thJun,2013