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Aldi Supermarket
most saturdays my partner and i do our shopping in waterford, the last few weeks we have gone to aldi where we found great value for money and also saved money. saturday the 1st of june we arrived to do our shop our trolley was laiden with goods we were purchasing a barbecue which was on special offer. as the barbecue was large and heavy it was akward to manage. when we went to get checked out the pleasent cashier had difficult trying to scan the bar code as it was so big and akward. by mistake she scanned it twice so when all our groceries were checked out she rang for a manager to use a key on her till it was to do with scanning the barbecue twice. the girl rang the bell, 5mins later nobody had come so she rang again in the mean time a big queue had formed and the girl was apologizing she rang a third time and by now she was highly embarressed 2 mins later a man in a shirt and tie barged down the aisle he threw back the little door she was trying to explain about the barbecue he was so rude he did not aknowledge what she was saying. he used his key to unlock whatever it was she needed him to do and he stormed off. the poor girl was nearly crying with embarressment. my heart went out to her.. if this is the kind of staff aldi employ i would be shopping else where. how dare this man have disrespect for his fellow employee and for my partner and me as customers. we spend nearly always over 150euro and to be treated like this is an insult. he needs to be informed how to treat staff and customers. it happend saturday evening after 5 and it was over a barbecue scanned twice so incident should be easy to follow up and apologies made or we will be taking our business else where. thanking you very much regards miss murphy
on 03rdJun,2013