Complaint Details
my thirteen year old daughter was verbally assaulted with vile language in the store grounds whilst waiting to be picked up. Two very aggressive males were responsible and witnesses were present. I wanted the security to follow up and escalate a complaint so that they could be apprehended for their anti- social behaviour. The security guard was loathe to do anything and the security manger also did nothing, even when I pointed out that this took place on their premises in full view of their cameras. I think it is appalling that in such a public place it is left for members of the public to fend for themselves with abusive and disruptive people when there are staff there whose job is to specifically deal with such events. Needless to say I will be passing this story on to my friends and family and social media sites. This occurred at about 5.30 this afternoon and it is now just gone 7. my daughter is still upset at the bad language and threatening stance of the main instigator and i am appalled at Tescos indifference to the distress of a child on their premises.
on 01stJun,2013